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Best Christian Colleges




Want to apply to a Christian college or university? Our cadre of college researchers assessed the numbers and are honored to introduce our unrivaled 2021 Best Christian Colleges list. Some of our top picks might be eye-opening for you! The Midwest and the South Atlantic head up the US in yielding the finest christian colleges, each accounting for 3 of the top 10 seats. Next in line is the Southwest, having 2 of the top 10. For some preliminary context on our first choices, the 10 Best Christian Colleges have student body sizes ranging from smaller sized to very large, with 1,719 - 26,748 full-time undergrads. They have a mean acceptance rate of 40.6%, and their undergrads' median SAT and ACT scores are 1358 and 30, respectively. On average, they cost students approximately $25,199 per year, after aid, and their students receive a median of $35,314 in aid per year. Furthermore, they enroll an average of 11 undergraduates per professor, and their median rating for academics on School Authority is 9.625.
Macalester College
Saint Paul, MN

Macalester College is a private, Christian, liberal art college in Saint Paul, MN. It is a distinguished college, ranking 77th in the country, with an acceptance rate of 41%. It has a small student body with full-time enrollment of 2,197 students. its most commonly decided major is a Bachelor's in Economics, which represents 11% of the student body. Alternative in-demand choices include Mathematics, which accounts for 8% of students, and Biology (7%). It has acclaimed administrative and clerical, foreign languages, international relations, and anthropology programs, all ranking first in Minnesota. In addition, it ranks 1st in MN according to our best Christian colleges, best liberal arts colleges, and top private universities lists. At full price, tuition costs $51,408 a year for applicants living in Minnesota but $56,819 if you're not located in Minnesota. It is worth bringing up that over 80% of undergrads secure scholarship or grant funding. 91% of Macalester College undergraduates finish their schooling with a degree and begin the next chapter of their lives: their careers. Two years after receiving their degrees, alumni earn an average wage of $32,200. After 4 more years in the labor force, their median annual salary increases 47.8% to $47,600, which is 18.7% on top of the national median income for individuals. Applicants might also want to find that most students scored between 29 and 35 on the English portion of the ACT. Secondly, students are able to take a semester abroad, and it does not offer evening degree programs. When it comes to your pocketbook, be aware that 25% of undergrads procure financial aid through state grants and 79% of students obtain institutional grants. Its party scene rating on School Authority is 8.49 and our higher education experts rated it an 8.76 for the quality of its campus. When it comes to life on campus, 100% of freshmen live in on-campus housing. To wrap things up, the lowest-earning quarter of graduates earn a starting salary of $18,700 or less and 90% of graduates are gainfully employed two years after graduation.

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Chapman University
Orange, CA

Chapman University is a private, Christian university located on an amazing campus in Orange, CA. It is a well-rated institution, currently ranked one hundred and fifty-first in the United States, but accepts 54% of applicants. It has a medium-sized student body with 6,840 full-time undergrads in attendance. Chapman University undergraduates can choose from 52 distinct majors across six disciplines. The most commonly chosen majors are Business, Cinematography and Video Production, and Psychology, with 21% of graduates receiving a Bachelor's in Business. 9% and 6% of students study Cinematography and Video Production and Psychology, respectively. It ranks 20th in the US for its film program, and third in California for its education, health care management, and physical therapy programs. Also, it is 2nd in CA for best Christian colleges. Tuition costs $50,087 annually at the sticker price. Before you discount applying due to the price, you should know that a smidge fewer than 9 in 10 undergrads obtain at least some monetary aid. 80% of Chapman University undergraduates conclude their studies with a diploma, ready to move into the labor force. A couple years after school, alumni take home a median income of $43,900. After an additional four years on the job, the graduate's median yearly earnings increases 24.1% to $54,500, which is 35.9% on top of the national median wage for individuals. Many of you may also like to be informed that its students most often scored between 8 and 9 on the writing section of the ACT and ACT scores are submitted by 44% of applicants. Furthermore, the student to faculty ratio is 14:1, and 90% of first-time students continue pursuing their studies the next year. Relating to your pocketbook, be aware that the average amount of federal grant aid awarded is $5,433. When rating its diversity, it received a 9.21 out of 10 and our college experts rated it a 9.79 out of 10 for its professors. Concerning the student experience, it offers 11 women's varsity teams, such as Track and Field: X-Country, Track and Field: Outdoor, and Water Polo. Finally, on average, its students graduate with debts of $7,627 per year and the lowest-earning 25% of graduates take home $31,600 or less six years after receiving their diplomas.

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Augustana University
Sioux Falls, SD

Augustana University is a private, Christian university located in Sioux Falls, SD. It is a decentlyrated institution, ranking one hundred and eighty-seventh in America. Admission is not really selective, with a 65% acceptance rate. It is a small institution with 1,762 full-time students enrolled. its most frequently preferred major is a Bachelor's in Nursing, which amounts to 14% of students. Additional popular picks include Business, which accounts for 11% of students, and Biology (9%). If you want to focus your studies on math, anthropology, business, or foreign languages at a university in South Dakota, it is an excellent option for you, because it is ranked first in the state for all 4 of these subjects. Also, it ranked 1st in SD for best test optional colleges, best colleges that accept the common app, and best colleges with rolling admissions. For students paying full freight, tuition runs $36,680. That being said, all students get some grant or scholarship funding. 69% of Augustana University students proudly walk on graduation day, shifting into the workforce equipped to make some cash. The median graduate takes home a salary of $37,700 two years after receiving their degrees. After another four years in the labor force, the graduate's median salary increases 15.9% to $43,700, which is 9% north of the national median wage for individuals. Those of you applying may want to find that you can send in your Augustana University application using the Common App. What's more, about 85% of first-year students continue studying the following year. With respect to your bank account, be aware that the average tuition for people from households with an income of $49k to $75k a year is roughly $20,717. Related to demographics, 9% of students come from households with an income of $30k to $48k and 33% of undergraduates are from households with an income of $110k or more. Regarding student life, it offers 7 men's varsity sports. Finally, two years after graduating, 5% of alumni are not employed and six years after college, 1/4 of graduates make $57,700 or more.

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