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Best Colleges For Animal Training




If you find animal training has always been of interest to you, you've probably thought about pursuing a career as a horse trainer, movie animal trainer or even a Westminster dog handler. The average yearly wage for an animal trainer is $30,400, which is 61.9% behind an average quality assurance manager's annual earnings. Our cadre of educational consultants combed through all the numbers and couldn't be more thrilled to display the in-depth 2021 Best Colleges for Animal Training list. A couple of our top picks might be eye-opening for you. . The top 6 colleges for animal training have a smaller average enrollment of 1,285 full-time students. They have acceptance rates between 66% and 100%, and their undergrads received a mean of 1112 and 23 on the SAT and ACT, respectively. On average, their undergrads dish out close to $16,508 a year, after accounting for financial aid and scholarships, and their undergrads are awarded $11,700 on average in aid every year. Moreover, they enroll an average of 16 students per faculty member, and their mean overall rating on our site is 8.
Saint Francis University
Loretto, PA

Saint Francis University is a private, Catholic university in Loretto, PA. The acceptance rate is 75%, making it attainable for most. On our best overall colleges list, it ranks #721 in the nation. It is a smaller sized institution with full-time enrollment of 1,602 undergrads. Saint Francis University's most highly demanded major is a Bachelor's in Physician Assistant, representing 15% of the student body. Other commonly preferred focuses include Occupational Therapy, which accounts for 10% of students, and Business (9%). If you want to focus your studies on physical therapy while living in Pennsylvania, it is a great choice for you, because its physical therapy program ranks 5th in the state. What's more, It places 4th in PA on our most conservative colleges list. For those located in Pennsylvania, sticker price tuition costs $35,121 a year. Non-Pennsylvania residents have to pay $38,818. Before you rule out applying because of the cost, know that the whole student body procures at least some grant or scholarship funding. 68% of Saint Francis University students end up receiving a degree, prepared to enter the next stage of their lives: professional life. On average, graduates take home a yearly salary of $44,800 two years after receiving their diplomas. After four additional years of experience, their average wage rises 16.5% to $52,200, which is 30.2% more than the national median income. Applying students might also like to hear that most students scored between 520 and 620 on the math segment of the SAT. Additionally, it does not provide a remote program, and undergrads are able to take a semester abroad. With regard to your savings account, be aware that 100% of undergraduates acquire institutional aid. Our college specialists rated it an 8.76 for its teaching staff and our college specialists rated it a 9.01 out of 10 for athletics. In closing, six years after receiving their degrees, 1/4 of graduates rake in $74,500 or more and on average, its students graduate with debts of $13,425 per year.

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