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Most Conservative Colleges




Do you value free-market capitalism and small government? Do you believe in more traditional, Republican values and want to be surrounded by peers who feel the same? If so, maybe a more conservative college is right for you. Our crew of college specialists reviewed each and every college in the country in order to build the ultimate 2021 Most Conservative Colleges list. We wish you the best of luck during this exciting new chapter! The Mountain States leads America in creating the Most Conservative Colleges, accounting for 4 of the top 10 ranks. Next in line is the Midwest, having 3 in the top 10. To tell you a few things about our first picks, the 10 the Most Conservative Colleges have a mean enrollment of 7,644 full-time undergrads. They have a median acceptance rate of 78%, and their admitted students' SAT scores range from 1065 to 1305. On average, they cost approximately $20,201 a year, after accounting for financial aid and scholarships, and their students obtain a mean amount of $13,922 in financial assistance per year. Additionally, they have an average of 17 undergraduates for each faculty member, and their median academics rating on School Authority is 8.63.
Oral Roberts University
Tulsa, OK

Oral Roberts University is a private, Christian university located in Tulsa, OK. We've ranked it #324 in the USA on our favorite colleges list, and admission is within reach for most, as the acceptance rate is 81%. It is a small sized university with full-time enrollment of 2,722 students. its most preferred major is a Bachelor's in Business, which accounts for 9% of students. Additional commonly preferred fields include Divinity, Ministry, and Pre-Theology, which accounts for 7% of students, and Nursing (7%). If you would like to study education or religious studies in Oklahoma but don't have high test scores, it is a great option for you, because it ranks first in the state for both these programs. Also, it ranked 1st in OK for top colleges with rolling admissions. Tuition goes for $29,114 annually at full sticker price. It is, however, worth noting that a touch less than 9 in 10 undergraduates receive at least some scholarship or grant funding. 56% of Oral Roberts University undergraduates graduate, all set to join the labor market. The median graduate makes $29,900 two years after commencement. After four additional years of work experience, the alumni's median yearly salary rises 25.8% to $37,600; however, that is still 6.2% behind the national median income for individuals. Those of you applying might like to know that a bit above one in every three applying students submit the SAT. Also, 18% of first-time students don't enroll again the next year, and it does not provide a remote program. With regard for your checkbook, be aware that the average amount of state grant aid awarded is $3,850. Concerning demographics, the student body is made up of 13% Hispanic students and Indigenous American undergraduates make up 3% of the undergraduate population. Regarding the student experience, 67% of undergraduates live in on-campus housing. Lastly, the lowest-earning 1/4 of graduates receive a starting salary of $18,100 or less and one out of four graduates take home a starting salary of at least $42,700.

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Biola University
La Mirada, CA

Biola University is a private, Christian university in La Mirada, CA. It is a well-rated college, ranking two hundred and twenty-fourth in America. Admission is not overly competitive (73% acceptance rate). It is a smaller sized university with 4,076 full-time undergrads in attendance. Biola University's most frequently selected major is a Bachelor's degree in Business, which is selected by 10% of students. Additional desired selections include Psychology, which accounts for 7% of students, and Sociology (6%). If you are interested in getting a degree in religious studies at a university in California, it is an incredible school for you, because its religious studies program ranks in the top ten in the state. Also, It ranks 1st in CA for most conservative colleges. At full sticker price, in-state tuition costs $38,463 a year, but for students living elsewhere, tuition costs $42,512. Before you rule out applying due to the cost, know that 98% of undergraduates get at least some scholarship or grant funding. 72% of Biola University undergraduates end up concluding their education with a degree, equipped to begin their professional life. A couple years after university, graduates earn an average annual salary of $34,500. After 4 more years of experience, the graduate's average yearly income increases 29% to $44,500, which is 11% higher than the national median salary. Applying students may also want to find that more than half of the accepted students tested between 1060 and 1260 on the SAT. What's more, it does not have evening degree programs, and undergrads are able to study abroad for a semester. Apropos of your pocketbook, be aware that the average undergraduate procures $19,902 in aid and scholarships and on average, its undergraduates dish out $1,820 on books and supplies each year. Concerning demographics, students who are 18 to 19 years old make up 41% of the undergraduate population and 2% of professors are foreign. With regard for life on campus, the average cost of a meal plan is $4,856. To wind things up, two years after graduating, 7% of alumni are unemployed and very few graduates default on their student loans.

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Samford University
Birmingham, AL

Samford University is a private, Christian university in Birmingham, AL. It is a decentlyrated institution, currently ranked two hundred and forty-fourth in the United States, but accepts 82% of applicants. Samford University students can choose from 64 total majors across seven academic disciplines. The most popular choices are Nursing, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Business, which collectively are elected by 29% of students. If you hope to focus your studies on pharmacy but don't have the best resume, it is the perfect school for you, because its pharmacy program is ranked number seven in the USA. Additionally, Samford University ranked 1st in AL according to our best Christian colleges and top private universities lists. For students paying full freight, in-state tuition costs $33,232 a year, but for students based out of state, tuition goes for $30,067. Before you decide against applying due to the cost, be aware that 97% of students are awarded grant or scholarship funding. 75% of Samford University students walk on commencement day, shifting into the employment market ready to make some cash. Two years after graduating, graduates earn an average income of $37,500. After four additional years in the labor force, their average annual wage grows 33.1% to $49,900, which is 24.4% beyond the national median salary for individuals. You might also want to find that your high school GPA is required to apply and most students got between 23 and 29 on the ACT. Secondly, 60% of the courses offered have only 2 to 19 students, and it offers evening degree programs. With respect to your pocketbook, be aware that students awarded institutional grants receive $13,451 in monetary aid on average. Its safety rating on School Authority is 9.01 and for academics, it received an 8.49. With regard to the student experience, 56% of female undergraduates are part of a sorority. To wind things up, fewer than 1 in 20 graduates fail to repay their student loans and 1/4th of graduates earn $31,700 or less six years after receiving their degrees.

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