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Best Colleges For Art




Does art motivate you? If we hit the nail on the head, you might be looking into a career as an artist, an art historian, or a curator. The average annual salary for a graduate with a degree in art is $55,771, which is 39.1% more than the national median and 12.4% short of the average salary for a facility manager. Our college specialists examined all the numbers and are pleased to share with you our quintessential 2021 Best Colleges for Art list. We wish you all the best during this exciting chapter of your life. The Ivy League leads the US in delivering primo colleges for art, accounting for 3 of the top 10 places. Next in line is the NESCAC, with 2 in the top 10. The 10 Best Colleges for Art have acceptance rates ranging from 5% to 24%. Their average student body size is 5,780 and their average graduation rate is 93%. On average, their in-state tuition costs $51,153, but costs $52,154 for out-of-state students. In addition, they enroll a median of 7 undergraduates for each faculty member. For their academic programs, they were rated an average of 10 on School Authority.
Pomona College
Claremont, CA

Pomona College is a private, liberal art college located on a beautiful campus in Claremont, CA. It is a very respected college, ranking 13th in the US, with fiercely competitive admissions (8% acceptance rate). It is a small sized college with full-time enrollment of 1,499 undergraduate students. its most frequently preferred major is a Bachelor's degree in Economics, which is comprised of 13% of the student body. Alternative frequently chosen majors include Mathematics, which accounts for 12% of students, and Computer Science (10%). It has a top tier art program, ranking 4th in the country. It also has the #1 anthropology and art programs California. In addition, Pomona College is the best small college in California according to our analysis. At full sticker price, in-state tuition costs $50,141 a year, but for applicants living elsewhere, tuition costs $55,419. Before you rule out applying due to cost constraints, you should know that two thirds of undergrads receive some grant or scholarship funding. 95% of Pomona College students end up graduating, anticipating to land their dream jobs. On average, graduates go on to make a yearly income of $41,100 two years after college. After four additional years of work experience, the graduate's average yearly earnings rises 41.4% to $58,100, which is 44.9% higher than the national median. Applicants may also want to know that 10,245 people applied last year. Furthermore, 1% of classes are medium-sized, with 40 to 99 students,. With respect to expenses, be aware that the average tuition for students from households earning between $49k and $75k a year is $9,044 and the average tuition for people from households making between $30k and $48k a year is typically $7,337. Concerning demographics, the faculty is comprised of 45% female professors and in-state students make up 26% of the undergraduate population. On the subject of campus life, at Pomona College, students can join several different music clubs including Jazz Band or Music Ensembles. To wrap things up, the average student graduates with debt of $5,686 per year and the bottom quartile of graduates take home $83,000 or more, six years after graduation.

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Rice University
Houston, TX

Located on a striking campus in Houston, TX, Rice University is one of the most renowned private universities in the world, ranked 9th in the country. Admission is fiercely competitive. It has a smaller student body with full-time enrollment of 4,111 students. 10% of its graduates procure a Bachelor's degree in Economics. Additional popular options include Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Kinesiology and Exercise Science, but there are 49 total focuses to choose from. It ranks first in the US for both its physical therapy and sports management programs. What's more, Rice University is the best mid-sized college in Texas. Tuition runs $44,982 per year at sticker price. Before you rule out applying due to cost constraints, keep in mind that 7 out of every 10 students obtain at least some scholarship or grant funding. 96% of Rice University students graduate college, ready to begin their dream jobs. Two years after receiving their diplomas, graduates earn a median annual salary of $56,600. After four additional years working, the graduate's median income rises 15.5% to $65,400, which is 63.1% over the national median earnings. You may also like to know that 1/2 of the students tested between 8 and 10 on the ACT writing component and less than one in two perspective students submit their SAT scores. Secondly, 11% of courses have 40 to 99 students. On the subject of finances, be aware that if your household makes between $30k and $48k, you can anticipate to pay give or take $10,759 per year for tuition and if your household earns between $76k and $110k, you can anticipate to pay around $22,327 for tuition. Regarding demographics, 16% of undergraduates are Hispanic and the faculty is made up of 6% Latinx professors. When it comes to student life, 73% of undergrads live in on-campus housing. In closing, six years after completing their studies, the lowest-earning 1/4th of graduates earn $45,000 or less and every single graduate makes on-time payments on his or her student loan.

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Bates College
Lewiston, ME

Bates College is a private, liberal art college located in Lewiston, ME. It is a esteemed college, ranked 47th in the US, and it has an acceptance rate of 18%. It has a smaller student body with 1,697 full-time undergrads enrolled. Bates College undergraduates can choose from 35 unique majors across three disciplines. The most routinely selected principal courses of study are Economics, Political Science and Government, and Psychology, which are comprised of 29% of students. It has highly acclaimed art and philosophy programs, both ranking 17th in America. It also has the #1 philosophy, religious studies, and art programs Maine. In addition, Bates College placed 1st in ME for best college food. Tuition runs $56,483 annually for students not receiving aid. That being said, under half of students procure monetary support. 88% of Bates College students walk on graduation day, equipped to start their careers. On average, alumni earn an annual salary of $43,100 a couple years after graduating. After an additional four years of experience, their median annual income rises 37.4% to $59,200, which is 47.6% more than the national median wage for individuals. You might also want to find that it has early decision. Secondly, it does not offer evening degree programs, and the average amount of research funding it receives per student is $1,069. Apropos of your personal finances, be aware that 9% of students are awarded state grants and 43% of undergrads acquire institutional scholarships to subsidize their tuition. With regard to demographics, the faculty is comprised of 53% male professors and Hispanic students make up 8% of the student body. With regard to student life, there are 14 women's varsity teams, including Swimming, Basketball, and Tennis. In closing, only about 5% of alumni default on their student loans and a fourth of graduates take home $40,000 or less six years after graduation.

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