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Best Colleges For Mental Health Counseling




If you find mental health counseling to be tremendously compelling, you've probably considered a future as a community outreach coordinator, a social worker, or a mental health counselor. Grads who studied mental health counseling often rake in a salary of $48,842 per year, which, just so you know, is 21.8% over the US median and 36.2% more than the mean income of an animal shelter manager. Our educational connoisseurs analyzed all the stats and are enthralled to put forward our complete 2021 Best Colleges for Mental Health Counseling list. We're hopeful that you will find this list to be illuminating! The Midwest leads America in providing out of this world colleges for mental health counseling, accounting for 3 of the top 10 colleges. After the Midwest is the West Coast, having 2 of the top 10. The top 10 colleges for mental health counseling have a 97.3% average acceptance rate. Their admitted students' ACT scores range from 20 - 26, and they end up costing an average of $11,276 a year, after accounting for financial aid and scholarships. On average, their median full-time enrollment is 3,174 undergraduates, and they enroll an average of 17 students for each faculty member. Lastly, their median overall rating on School Authority is 7.99.
University of Maine at Augusta
Augusta, ME

University of Maine at Augusta is a public, online university located in Augusta, ME. It has noncompetitive admissions (100% admittance rate). It is a smaller sized university with 1,382 full-time students in attendance. University of Maine at Augusta's most desired major is a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Humanities, which is selected by 23% of students. Other often preferred fields include Psychiatric and Mental Health Services, which accounts for 15% of students, and Business (6%). It ranks first in Maine for its veterinary studies program. Furthermore, University of Maine at Augusta places 1st in Maine for most conservative colleges. At full price, in-state tuition is $6,811 a year, but for students based outside of Maine, tuition costs $16,473. None the less, roughly 95% of students acquire at least some monetary support. 17% of University of Maine at Augusta undergraduates wear a cap and gown on commencement day, prepared to begin the following act in their lives: their careers. Two years after school, alumni earn an average wage of $23,900. After 4 more years in the labor force, the graduate's median annual wage grows 15.9% to $27,700; however, that is still 30.9% below the national median earnings. Those of you applying may want to be conscious of the fact that it accepts the Common App. In addition, 100% of available classes are relatively small, with 20 to 39 students. On the subject of your pocketbook, be aware that for households earning less than $30k, the average net cost of tuition is $9,026 per year and students awarded state grants receive $4,757 in monetary aid on average. Concerning demographics, mixed race undergrads make up 3% of the student body and out-of-state students make up 2% of the undergraduate population. In closing, two years after graduating, 21% of graduates do not have a job and on average, its students graduate with debts of $5,691 per year.

University of Maine at Machias
Machias, ME

University of Maine at Machias is a public, online, liberal art university based in Machias, ME. It has noncompetitive admissions (100% admittance rate). It has a very small student body with 385 full-time students in attendance. 12% of graduates procure a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts and Humanities. Alternative frequent choices include Entrepreneurship, Biology, and Psychology, but there are 16 unique focuses to select from. If you would like to get a degree in english in Maine but don't have high test scores, it is a great option for you, because its english program ranks one of the best in the state. Furthermore, University of Maine at Machias placed 5th in Maine for best liberal arts colleges. At full price, in-state tuition costs $7,438 a year, but for students who live outside of Maine, tuition costs $15,855. Before you decide not to apply because of the price, know that every single undergrad gets scholarship or grant funding. 30% of University of Maine at Machias students complete their college education with a diploma, ready to start the subsequent act in their lives: full-time employment. A couple years after receiving their degrees, graduates take home an average annual salary of $23,200. After four additional years working, the graduate's average annual salary climbs 18.5% to $27,500; however, that is still 31.4% beneath the national median earnings for individuals. Some of you may want to be conscious of the fact that 3% of applicants submit their ACT scores and it is required that you include your high school transcript when applying. What's more, it does not offer evening degree programs, and the student-faculty ratio is 12:1. Respecting costs, be aware that on average, it undergraduates spend around $4,237 on housing each year and the average amount of aid awarded through Pell grants is $4,259. On the subject of demographics, students who can't yet vote make up 1% of the undergraduate population and students aged 22 to 24 make up 13% of the undergraduate population. Concerning the campus experience, first-year undergraduates have the option to live off campus. To conclude, 1/4 of graduates earn $37,300 or more, six years after receiving their diplomas and 16% of graduates default on their student loans.

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