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Best Colleges For Physiological Psychology




Is physiological psychology something you might want to major in? If so, you're likely to be interested in becoming a physiological psychologist. The average graduate who studied physiological psychology brings home $59,991 annually, which is 3.1% higher than an average grants manager's earnings. Our cadre of educational pundits reviewed each and every university in the United States of America in order to put together our consummate 2021 Best Colleges for Physiological Psychology list. We hope you discover the ideal program for you! California heads up the US in generating high-ranking colleges for physiological psychology, accounting for 3 of the top 10 slots. Following California is Massachusetts, housing 1 of the top 10. The 10 highest ranked colleges for physiological psychology have full-time enrollments ranging from 1,376 up to 28,935 undergrads. They admit, on average, 36.2% of applicants, and their accepted students' ACT scores range from 24 to 32. On average, their undergrads dish out around $19,960 per year, after accounting for financial aid and scholarships, and their undergrads receive between $7,530 and $51,102 on average in aid per year. Moreover, they enroll an average of 13 students for every professor, and their mean score for academics on our website is 9.
Colby College
Waterville, ME

Colby College is a private, liberal art college located in Waterville, ME. It is an esteemed college, ranking 54th in the United States, and it has an extremely low acceptance rate of 13%. It is a smaller institution with full-time enrollment of 1,821 undergrads. Colby College's most commonly selected major is a Bachelor's degree in Economics, which represents 13% of the student body. Alternative frequently in-demand majors include Political Science and Government, which accounts for 9% of students, and Environmental Science (7%). If you want to get a degree in international relations, it is an incredible school for you, because its international relations program is ranked number seventeen in the United States. What's more, Colby College is 2nd in Maine for best colleges for low income students and best colleges for middle income students. At full sticker price, in-state tuition goes for $52,449 a year, but for applicants living out of state, tuition costs $57,970. That being said, approximately 1/2 of undergrads secure some scholarship or grant funding. 91% of Colby College students complete their education with a diploma, prepared to set foot in the workforce. Two years after finishing their studies, alumni make an average income of $42,700. After 4 more years in the job market, the graduate's average earnings climbs 36.1% to $58,100, which is 44.9% higher than the national median earnings. Applicants may also want to be informed that the majority of students achieved scores between 680 and 770 on the math component of the SAT. Secondly, it does not have a teacher certification program. With regard for costs, be aware that it offers a tuition guarantee plan, which insures that your tuition will stay the same during your enrollment. Its campus food rating on School Authority is 8.97 and its athletics rating on School Authority is 8.76. With regard for student life, the average cost of a meal plan is $7,192 per year. To wind things up, the lowest-earning quarter of graduates take home a starting salary of $31,000 or less and six years after graduation, one quarter of graduates make $85,200 or more.

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Centre College
Danville, KY

Centre College is a private, Christian, liberal art college located in Danville, KY. The acceptance rate is 73%, making it not that competitive. On our best overall colleges list, we've ranked it #268 in the United States. It has a small student body with 1,376 full-time undergrads in attendance. 15% of its graduates secure a Bachelor's degree in Economics. Other in-demand picks include Biology, Psychology, and History, but there are 26 total options to choose from. It has acclaimed economics, foreign languages, international relations, political science and psychology programs, all ranking first in Kentucky. Furthermore, Centre College is the number one small college in Kentucky. For students who pay full freight, in-state tuition runs $39,615 a year, but for applicants living out of state, tuition costs $43,785. Before you decide against applying because of cost constraints, know that 98% of undergraduates secure monetary aid. 80% of Centre College undergraduates end up completing their studies with a degree, anticipating to find their dream jobs. On average, alumni go on to make a yearly salary of $35,100 a couple years after college. After an additional four years working, the alumni's median annual wage climbs 29.6% to $45,500, which is 13.5% greater than the national median. Some of you may like to be aware that over 1/2 of the students got between 25 and 29 on the math section of the ACT and the regular decision application deadline is January 15. Also, , it does not have evening degree programs. When it comes to your checkbook, be aware that if your household makes between $76k and $110k, you should presume to pay roughly $24,749 per year. When grading its campus safety, it received an 8.76 and for its faculty, it received a 9.53 out of 10. Regarding life on campus, 99% of undergrads live in on-campus housing. Lastly, the average student graduates with debt of $7,086 per year and 8% of alums do not have a job two years after graduating.

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Quinnipiac University
Hamden, CT

Quinnipiac University is a private university located in Hamden, CT. The acceptance rate is 72%, making it within reach for most. On our best overall colleges list, we've ranked it #466 in America. It is a mid-sized institution with full-time enrollment of 7,306 students. 22% of graduates acquire a Bachelor's in Health Professions. Additional routinely picked majors include Business, Finance, and Research and Experimental Psychology, but there are 45 available offerings to choose from. If you would like to major in health professions in Connecticut, it is a great choice for you, because its health professions program is the first best in the state. What's more, It is 2nd in CT on our most conservative colleges list. At the sticker price, tuition costs $47,817 per year. Before you decide against applying because of the price, you should know that the whole student body receives grant or scholarship funding. 78% of Quinnipiac University undergraduates graduate, going into the employment market ready to make an income. On average, alumni earn a yearly salary of $51,900 a couple years after university. After another four years of work experience, the graduate's average yearly income increases 22% to $63,300, which is 57.9% beyond the national median salary for individuals. Applying students might also want to hear that it is required that you include your high school GPA when submitting your application and the majority of students got between 1090 and 1260 on the SAT. In addition, 87% of first-time students continue to pursue their studies the next year, and it receives around $376 in research funding per student. Apropos of costs, be aware that 19% of undergraduates obtain financial aid through Pell grants. Our team of researchers rated it an 8.24 for its campus safety and for its dorms, it received an 8.24. Related to the campus experience, it provides on campus housing. To wind things up, six years after receiving their diplomas, 5% of alums are out of work and the highest-earning quarter of graduates earn a minimum starting salary of $68,900.

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