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Best Value 2 Year Colleges




Two-year colleges may be cheaper than the average four-year school, but you still want to make sure you're getting the best deal. Some two-year programs are a much better investment in your future than others. Our squad of educational experts assessed every school in the United States and are excited to reveal the quintessential 2021 Highest Value Colleges Two Year Colleges list. We're hopeful that you will discover the best school for you! The Southwest heads up the nation in generating sensational value two year colleges, accounting for 3 of the top 10 positions. Following the Southwest is the South Atlantic, housing 2 of the top 10. The 10 best value two year colleges have a 100% median admittance rate. On average, their students scored. They have net tuitions ranging from $2,109 to $23,940, after taking financial aid into consideration, and their undergrads obtain $6,064 on average in aid every year. For their academic programs, they were rated an average of 8 on School Authority.
Riverside College of Health Careers
Newport News, VA

Riverside College of Health Careers is a two-year trade school in Newport News, VA. It is a very small college with 323 full-time undergrads enrolled. Riverside College of Health Careers provides 6 potential majors in the discipline of Health Professions. The most commonly desired academe are Nursing, Licensed Practical Nurse Training (LPN), and Radiologic Technician, which combined amount to 82% of the student body. Its medical assistant technology program is ranked 4th in the USA and first in Virginia. In addition, Riverside College of Health Careers comes in 1st in Virginia according to our best value 2 year colleges list. For those located in Virginia, sticker price tuition goes for $16,729. Students with residency in other states need to pay $18,490. That being said, about 1/2 of undergraduates get some monetary aid. 100% of Riverside College of Health Careers students graduate college and enter the following chapter of their lives: full-time employment. A couple years after receiving their diplomas, graduates take home a median income of $44,800. After 4 more years in the job market, their median yearly earnings climbs 15.4% to $51,700, which is 28.9% higher than the national median earnings. Those of you applying may also want to be aware that it doesn't offer early decision and its undergrads. Secondly, students have the option to take a semester abroad, and it offers a teacher certification program. Relating to finances, be aware that the average amount of Pell grant aid awarded is $6,410. With respect to demographics, 3% of students are not from Virginia and the faculty is comprised of 100% female professors. Respecting campus life, it does not offer meal plans for its undergrads. Lastly, 89% of alums are employed six years after graduation and 7% of graduates are unemployed two years after completing their studies.