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You've heard the story. "My freshman year of college, I slept on the top bunk in a tiny dorm with three random roommates". Don't want it to happen to you? Undergraduate housing plays an important role in community-building and student satisfaction. Quality dorms, supportive RAs, and upgraded amenities will help you feel at home. Our cadre of educational connoisseurs examined every university in the United States and are ecstatic to share with you our authoritative 2021 Best College Dorms list. A few of our top picks might surprise you. The Midwest and the South Atlantic head up the US in yielding first-tier college dorms, each accounting for 3 of the top 10 slots. Just behind is New England, with 2 in the top 10. The 10 Best College Dorms accept between 6% and 77% of applicants. Their admitted students' median SAT and ACT scores are 1158 and 24, respectively, and they cost students an average of $24,125 per year, after aid. On average, they are small colleges, with a mean full-time enrollment of 4,785, and they have an average of 13 undergraduates for each faculty member. Lastly, their average School Authority rating for academics is 9.
High Point University
High Point, NC

High Point University is a private, Christian university located on a gorgeous campus in High Point, NC. Admission is within reach for most, as the acceptance rate is 77%. It ranks #663 in the nation on our all-around best colleges list. It has a smaller sized student body with full-time enrollment of 4,638 undergraduate students. its most frequently in-demand major is a Bachelor's in Communications, which is comprised of 21% of the student body. Alternative preferred options include Business, which accounts for 20% of students, and Kinesiology and Exercise Science (8%). If you are interested in majoring in design at a university in North Carolina, it is an incredible choice for you, because its design program is ranked #4 in the state. Also, It placed 1st in North Carolina on our best college dorms list. For North Carolina residents, tuition is $30,179 a year. Non-North Carolina residents must lay out $33,356 per year. None the less, just about nine in ten students procure at least some monetary support. 64% of High Point University students end up graduating and enter the subsequent phase of their lives: employment. The median graduate earns $36,900 two years after college. After an additional four years in the job market, their average annual salary grows 5.7% to $39,000; however, that is still 2.7% less than the national median salary for individuals. You might also like to be conscious of the fact that your high school rank is neither required nor recommended to apply and November 15 is the early decision application deadline. Additionally, 100% of classes are relatively small, with 20 to 39 students, and it does not provide a distance education program. Concerning costs, be aware that if your household has an annual income of $76k to $110k, you can presume to pay roughly $38,003 each year and the average cost of a meal plan is $7,486 per year. Concerning demographics, students aged 18 or 19 make up 49% of the undergraduate population and 87% of professors are white. To conclude, six years after graduation, 1/4 of graduates make $25,900 or less and the highest-earning 1/4 of graduates receive a starting salary of at least $47,800.

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Bowdoin College
Brunswick, ME

Bowdoin College is a private, liberal art college located on an impressive campus in Brunswick, ME. It is an extremely esteemed institution, ranked 22nd in America, with an extraordinary low acceptance rate of 10%. It is a small institution with full-time enrollment of 1,722 students. its most in-demand major is a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Government, mounting up to 15% of the student body. Alternative frequently picked focuses include Economics, which accounts for 11% of students, and Mathematics (7%). If you are interested in studying global studies and think you can get in, it is an excellent option for you, because its global studies program ranks 5th best in America. Also, it places 1st in ME on our best early decision colleges, best test optional colleges, and best colleges that accept the common app lists. Tuition costs $51,225 per year at the sticker price. That being said, more than half of undergrads procure at least some grant or scholarship funding. 96% of Bowdoin College students wind up their education with a diploma, young and hoping to find a great profession. The average graduate makes an income of $44,600 two years after school. After 4 more years of experience, the graduate's average income rises 46.9% to $65,500, which is 63.3% over the national median salary. Applicants may also want to be aware that it allows early decision. In addition, 3% of courses have 40 to 99 students. With regard to costs, be aware that the average amount of institutional grant aid awarded is $42,864. When grading its undergraduate housing, it received a 10 out of 10 and its diversity rating on School Authority is 9.21. When it comes to the student experience, it offers meal plans for its undergraduates. Finally, 1/4th of graduates take home a starting salary of $33,000 or less and beneath 5% of graduates miss payments on their student debt.

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Yale University
New Haven, CT

Yale University is one of the most highly respected universities in the world, ranking third overall in the US. It is located on a stunning campus in New Haven, CT, and only admits 6% of applicants. It has a medium-sized student body with full-time enrollment of 5,455 undergrads. 12% of its graduates get a Bachelor's degree in Economics. Additional favored options include Political Science and Government, Cellular Biology, and Liberal Arts and Humanities, but there are 57 focuses to choose from. Its history, global studies, and anthropology programs are all ranked #1 in America. Additionally, Yale University placed 1st in Connecticut for top private universities. At sticker price, tuition is $52,725 annually. That being said, just above 3 out of 5 students procure monetary support. 96% of Yale University students wind up their education with a diploma in hand, equipped to begin the next phase of their lives: full-time employment. On average, alumni earn an annual salary of $56,600 two years after receiving their diplomas. After four additional years in the job market, the alumni's median yearly wage grows 47% to $83,200, which is higher than double the national median for individuals. Many of you may want to hear that it does not have early decision and ACT scores are submitted by 51% of applicants. Additionally, it does not offer evening degree programs. Concerning your pocketbook, be aware that the average tuition for people from households with an income of over $110k a year is around $37,122 and students awarded institutional grants receive $45,468 in aid on average. When rating its academics, it received a 10 out of 10 and our college specialists rated it a 7.52 out of 10 for its safety. Regarding life on campus, it has a salmagundi of clubs and activities, like film society, television station, and student government. To wrap things up, two years after completing their studies, 93% of alumni are gainfully employed and one in four graduates take home a starting salary of $32,400 or less.

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Loyola University Maryland
Baltimore, MD

Loyola University Maryland is a private, Catholic university located in Baltimore, MD. It is a well-rated college, ranking one hundred and ninety-third in the US, but accepts 79% of applicants. its most common major is a Bachelor's in Business, which makes up 30% of students. Other often preferred focuses include Communications, which accounts for 10% of students, and Accounting (8%). Its health professions, accounting, education and communications programs are all ranked #2 in Maryland. Additionally, it ranks 1st in MD for best Catholic colleges. At sticker price, in-state tuition costs $46,265 a year, but for applicants from outside of Maryland, tuition costs $51,135. Before you decide against applying because of the cost, be cognizant that over 90% of undergraduates are awarded grant or scholarship funding. 79% of Loyola University Maryland students graduate and enter the following chapter of their lives: professional life. On average, alumni earn an annual income of $50,700 a couple years after college. After 4 more years working, the alumni's average annual income grows 34.3% to $68,100, which is 69.8% higher than the national median salary. You may want to know that your high school transcript is required to apply. Furthermore, the student-faculty ratio is 11:1, and it does not offer a teacher certification program. When it comes to your savings account, be aware that 89% of students acquire institutional grants. When it comes to demographics, foreign undergrads make up 1% of the undergraduate population and African-American professors make up 6% of the faculty. With regard for the student experience, the average cost of a meal plan is $4,368 each year. To wrap things up, the highest-earning quartile of graduates earn $92,600 or more, six years after receiving their diplomas and the lowest-earning quartile of graduates earn $46,700 or less six years after completing their studies.

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